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The long term developing strategy has as main component the consolidation of the leading position on the conveying equipment on flow market. Developing new products based on own projects or developing common projects with external partners based on their engineering are both considered. The spare parts market for these products is also very important and UNIO own manufacturing lines for the most requested components. Another point is the production of complex installations and equipment based on the drawings and specifications of the customers. The maritime installations, metallurgical equipment, automotive assembling equipment and industrial equipment markets offer great opportunities.

An important advantage admitted by the beneficiaries is the existence of the preparing workshops (cutting, forging, casting, mechanical processing, teething) together with the production activities (welding, assembling, surface protection and technical control). The staff is specialized in mechanical, hydraulically, pneumatically and electrical installations, and provides the assembling activities at the customer, commissioning and service.

To assure the continuity in the production program there have been developed new delivery programs of parts and subassemblies for customer machines and installations, based on their specifications, on the following market segments: wood processing machines, gearboxes, winches, cranes, compressors, presses, turbines, fans, tractors.


With an experience of more than 50 years in the production of these installations, Unio is well known to be the most important supplier on the Romanian market and one of the most important in Europe. UNIO has participated at the designing and execution of thousands of kilometers of belt conveyers and of hoist installations in Romania and countries as follows: Egypt, China, Russia, Syria, Irak, Pakistan, Philippines, India, Maroc, Turkey, Tunisia, Vietnam. Important traditional or newer clients like:, Lafarge, Holcim, Carpat Cement, Romanian companies of coal and electricity, appreciated our technical solutions and the quality of the transport and handling systems produced by Unio at european quality standards.
This product family contains the followings:
- Rubber belt, chain conveyers, apron, overhead conveyers
- Electric and hand operated hoists and overhead cranes;
- Connected equipment: crushers, ball and autogenously mills, electromagnetic separator, wagons for internal transport.


These equipments are produced according with UNIO engineering or according with clients drawings and specifications. The main destinations are: mining, automotive, shipyards, power plants, cement factories, special projects.
- Winches
- Electric and manual hoists
- Gantries
- Lifting equipment


Unio has great experience in the production of equipment for metallurgy. Beginning with the projects realized 30 years ago with Nisho Iwai (Japan) and SKET (Germany), UNIO delivered until today thousands tons of belt and apron conveyers, hoists, carriages, wagons, roller tables, cooling beds, shears and others. Today UNIO is able to manufacture all types of the transfer systems used in this important industrial branch.


Transfer systems for fabrication processes. Lifting tables Conveyers. Clamping fixture for assembling lines. Conveyers for scrap transport in the presses workshops.


UNIO is the most important producer of mining equipment from Romania. During more than 60 years UNIO developed a great range of mining products including mine locomotives, loaders, conveying systems, extraction hoists. Our mining equipment were delivered in China, India, Poland, Bolivia, Chile, Morocco, Germany, Russia.


Autogenously mills: Designed for ore autogenously grinding. Continuous duty equipment and runs with axial feed and discharge. Capacity: 15-20 tones/our.
Ball mills for building materials and ceramics: Designed for wet milling of minerals (chrome green oxide, calcinated red oxide, sintered pellets etc), dry milling of building materials (sand, lime, feldspar, kaolin) and for wet ceramics grinding. Capacity 0.03-40 tones/hour
Ball mills for ore and coal: Used for wet or dry complex ores and coal crushing, ore and coal dry milling or calcium and dolomite dry milling. Capacity 0.05-20 tones/hour
Gyratory crusher: Used for rocks and medium hardness mineral crushing. Capacity: 5-34m3; Granulosity: 80-90/15-40mm.


In his own gear manufacturing workshop UNIO is able to produce gears and gearboxes (spur gears) for industrial use: shipyards, metallurgy, lifting equipment, conveying equipment, wood processing machinery.
Precision class(ISO):
- Class 6 – up to dia.1200 mm and modul 2-24
- Class 10 – up to dia.5000 mm and modul 24- 42
Control: Computer measuring machine with special soft for spur gears and teething tools.


Building on our experience as manufacturer, will allow our customers involved in this market to have, based on their engineering, many more options when it comes to choosing the best maritime and offshore solution. Our list of offshore contracts includes:
- Lifting equipment for ROV
- Winches for offshore operation
- Big grooved drums up to 4 m diameter


Sorting and collecting plasterboard waste. Any other use of the equipment is permitted only with the provider agreement, otherwise not guarantee their proper operation. Sorted material characteristics are:  
- Material...plasterboard waste
- Medium density...1t/m3
- Sorting capacity...5t/hour


Based on or his experience and technological capacities UNIO is able to manufacture and assembly the production of equipment for metallurgy. Through a close cooperation with its external partners UNIO started a series of important projects including: manufacturing of mechanical parts, welding, mechanical assemblies, electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic assemblies.
The following complex equipment was build:
- Presses for plastics
- Installation for polyurethane
- Presses for waste
- Wood processing machineries